infltr App Updated to Capture Animated GIFs

February 1, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

If you’re a devotee of #NoFilter you should probably stop reading right now.

The iOS app infltr, famed for its ability to add an “infinite” number of filters to your images, has been updated to support capturing animated GIFs (included filtered animated GIFs). Your meme game will never be the same.

The infltr app can apply its multitude of filters across a variety of media including still photos, live photos, videos, “depth photos” (i.e. Apple Portrait Mode images), and animated GIFs.

The new GIF mode lets you choose the duration and the frames per second of the GIFs you’d like to capture as well as whether it will loop infinitely or not.

Captured GIFs can be edited in the app and then shared to WhatsApp, GIPHY and Tumblr.

The new update also adds support for Apple’s HEIC still image format, the new HEVC vide oformat and six new editing tools: Fade, Save Highlights, Save Shadows, Exposure, Highlights Tint and Shadows Tint.

infltr costs $1.99.

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