Huawei Using Smartphone AI to Judge Photo Competition–With a Human Assist

July 17, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

Smartphone maker Huawei is tapping the same artificial intelligence used in its P20 smartphone to act as a judge in its “Spark the Renaissance” Western European photo competition.

“We have trained the AI in our P20 Pro smartphone to understand what makes an amazing photo”  Andrew Garrihy, CMO Huawei Western Europe, said in a statement announcing the competition. “This innovation is helping us to identify emerging creative talent across Europe and showcase their photography potential to others.”

Huawei trained its AI on 4,000,000 images taken by professional photographers and picture editors. It will give each entry a personalized “AI score” based on parameters such as focus, jitter, deflection, color and composition. Photographers won’t be completely at the mercy of the machine, though. Photographer and Leica ambassador Alex Lambrechts will also judge the entries.

Huawei isn’t the first company to leverage AI to pass esthetic judgement on images. The photo platform EyeEm has incorporated a version of a “judgmental AI” into their services. There’s also Everypixel, which uses a neural network to score your photography. 

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