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Photokina 2018: Broncolor & Truvis Create System to Alter Light Angles After Capture

September 28, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

Broncolor has created what it’s called a “surface visualizer” that not only illuminates incredibly fine details in objects but also lets photographers adjust the lighting on them after capture.

The Scope D50 is essentially a rounded dome with a camera mount on the top. Inside are 48 LEDs that project light onto an object situated beneath the dome. The dome can be raised to a max height of 15 centimeters and can work with objects as high as roughly 6 centimeters. By connecting your camera via flash cable to the Scope D50, the system captures 48 TIF format images–each one with a different LED illuminated.

The images are imported into software where a user can make a number of adjustments: choosing what portions of the photo are illuminated, animating an effect of light crossing the image, changing the color and even animating object motion. In our demo, we saw a 2D image of a flat textile undulate in the wind, with control over wind speed. You can export a number of image formats from the software, including a small Javascript code that can be used to display animation on a website.

Broncolor envisions a number of potential use cases for the Scope D50, including for archival purposes were objects can be shot once and then examined closely under different lighting angles to reveal hidden surface details and textures. It can also be used for product photography, particularly textiles.

The below video, provided by Broncolor, gives you a sense of how it works.

The Scope D50 will sell for $24,000 and includes both the hardware (minus a camera) and the software.


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