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5 Must-See Continuous Lights at PHOTOPLUS 2019

October 3, 2019

By David Alexander Willis

PHOTOPLUS 2019 kicks off at the Javits Center in New York City on October 24 (register!) To help us while away the days till the floor opens, we’ve been highlighting some of the innovative and exciting gear you’ll be able to get your hands on when you’re there. Next up: continuous lighting!

Westcott Solix Bi-Color
Westcott Solix Bi-Color has added tungsten capabilities to their Solix Daylight model. The affordable head has an adjustable color temperature range of 2800 to 5600K. It has also increased output over the last model by up to 45 percent. In addition to support for traditional lighting modifiers, both Solix LEDs also come with Westcott’s latest magnetic attachment system for diffusion and barndoor accessories.
Price: $359 |

LitraStudio LED Light
Offering a massive spectrum of more than one million colors, the LitraStudio LED Light is pocket-sized, but still outputs up to 3,000 lumens. With several additional features like synced flash bursting, it’s flicker-free for photography and video. For monochromatic needs, the CCT Mode provides a 2,000-10,000K white color temperature range. Multiple fixtures can be controlled remotely, too.
Price: N/A |

Rotolight Titan X2
Capable of an impressive 16.7 million colors, the latest LED panel from Rotolight employs a RGBWW LED array for a five-chip diode that can also run a white CCT spectrum from 3000 to 10,000K. The large-beam aperture in a 2- x 1-foot panel is designed for a wide, soft spread, but also high output. A High Speed Sync gives strobing to 1/8000th of a shutter with “zero” recycle time, and it can be triggered wirelessly at more than 600 feet thanks to the integrated Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver.
Price: $4,699 |

ARRI Orbiter
ARRI has introduced a complete new lighting system, the Orbiter. Starting from the ground up on the design, the ultra-bright LED can be transformed into several configurations. The new ARRI Spectra six-color light engine gives a wide color gamut while maintaining a high color rendition for accurate colors and skin tones. There is also a integrated color sensor that will match ambient lighting. The weatherproof light has a number of optics already available, like open face, projection, dome and light banks.
Price: N/A |

Chimera Panel Lantern
The Panel Lantern, powered by LiteGear, is a LED and diffusion configuration with an extremely low profile. Easily placeable for multipurpose studio work, it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, so it is also light and portable. The 2 x 2 foot Chimera panel frames a LiteGear LiteMat with tunable tungsten-to-daylight for a white light CCT range of 2600 to 6000K. The starter Chimera Panel Lantern kit comes with LED head unit, a 2- x 2-foot, collapsible Chimera Panel Frame, Lantern Fabric diffusion, a dimmer, and a 12-foot cable and power supply. An optional Skirt Kit allows the Panel Lantern to be used as an overhead source.
Price: $1,998 |


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