Four Cool Things We Spotted at PhotoPlus Expo Test Drive

October 27, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

2017 PWP Studio – Corporate Event Photographers

TrakBelt 360

The brain child of a New York City firefighter and forensic photographer Chris Landano, the TrakBelt lets you hang photo bags off the belt that can be quickly rotated around your waist so you can freely position them wherever you want. (Landano said he conceived of the idea when he was trapped in the debris of a collapsed building and wished that his camera bag could have slid around his waist.) Bags can be locked in their position if you don’t want them to move.

2017 PWP Studio – Corporate Event Photographers

Luma 3D Art

This image doesn’t do the Luma 3D Art product justice. The printing process takes any 2D JPEG image and creates a 3D lenticular photo from it (you know, the kind that shift as you walk past it). The print can be housed in one of six metal frames and comes with an adjustable backlight that’s activated by remote control.

The 23 x 32-inch print costs $1,995 while the 16 x 20-inch print costs $1,595.

Nail Point

You can print a photo on just about any surface these days, but the Nail Point print process forgoes ink in favor of, you guessed it, nails. Thousands of nails “printed” onto a specialized canvas surface to be exact. The prints can be created in 18 x 24-inch , 20 x 20-inch and 22 x 36-inch sizes from any JPEG photo. You can even split a Nail Art photo across multiple panels.


This cloud-based studio management software is poised to get a lot smarter this year. The company is aggregating data from its users to help discover the habits of successful photo businesses. Using this info, it will alert Iris users to actions they could be taking to improve their business. The new prompts will be rolled out in updates later this year and into 2018, the company said.

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