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Polaroid Originals Releases Summer-Themed Instant Camera & Film

April 25, 2019

By Greg Scoblete

While some of us (ok, us) are eyeing up our summer clothes with more than a little trepidation, Polaroid Originals (formerly Impossible Project) is ready with an all-new summer outfit.

The company’s OneStep2 analog instant camera will be sold in a summer edition in blue and white. Beyond its new, summer-y exterior, the OneStep2 is functionally the same camera it was when it was originally announced.

The camera is accompanied by a pair of new 600 type color films with blue and “Summer Haze” frames. As with the cameras, the film just has an aesthetic tweak around the border.

Summer Haze

The OneStep2 will retail for $100. The Summer Blue frames film costs $17 while the Summer Haze frames will set you back $20.

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