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Lomography Successfully Kickstarts Diana Instant Square, First Instax with Interchangeable Lenses

July 9, 2018

Special edition, left; classic edition, right.

Lomography’s latest Kickstarter coup is the first Instax-based camera to feature interchangeable lenses and a hot shoe.

The Diana Instant Square, which has pulled in more than double the $100,000 funding request on Kickstarter with over two weeks left to go, will accept Fujifilm’s Instax Square film. According to Lomography, the camera delivers a similar esthetic as the original camera first produced in the 1960s, with strongly saturated colors and vignetting.

Unlike most instant film cameras on the market, the Diana Instant Square will offer a bit more exposure control. Aperture is adjustable across three different stops– f/111, f/19 and f/32. Focus can be set between 1–2 m, 2–4 m and 4 m–infinity. Shutter speed, however, is fixed at 1/60th a second, though there is a bulb mode for long exposures.

The Diana Instant Square accepts any of the interchangeable lenses produced for the Diana F+. Additional features include:

    • Unlimited multiple exposures
    • A front-facing mirror for selfies
    • Detachable and interchangeable viewfinders
    • Tripod mount
    • Accepts four AAA batteries

The Diana Instant Square will ship to its early backers in December with full production units available to the world in January 2019. A Diana with flash will sell for $69 when purchased through Kickstarter, a 30 percent savings from the final retail price.

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