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Arri Launches Large Format Cinema Camera

February 2, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

One reason DSLRs took off among filmmakers several years ago is the look you can achieve with a full frame image sensor.

Now the cinema camera maker Arri is getting in on the full frame fun with a new “large format” cinema camera, the Alexa LF.

The camera’s sensor is “slightly bigger than full frame,” the company says, measuring in at 36.70 x 25.54mm with a resolution of 4448 x 3096.

The camera has 14 stops of dynamic range, an electronic shutter and 4.5K recording. The Alexa LF records in ProRes or ARRIRAW and in LF Open Gate mode, the camera records using the entire sensor in frame rates up to 90 fps (in ARRIRAW). Additional formats and resolutions below:

Accompanying the ALEXA LF camera are 16 new large-format ARRI Signature Prime lenses with focal lengths ranging from 12-280mm.

The lenses feature a new LPL mount and will have a maximum aperture of T1.8. They support Arri’s lens data system (LDS-2) and have a wider diameter and shorter flange focal depth, which Arri says helps reduce lens size and weight. The LPL mount will be licenses to third party lens makers and ARRI will offer a PL-to-LPL adapter as well.

The first ALEXA LF cameras will be shipped at the end of March. Pricing wasn’t announced.

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