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ARRI Intros Mini LF, a Compact, Full-Frame Cinema Camera

March 28, 2019

By Greg Scoblete

ARRI’s newest cinema camera is something of a mashup, combining the full-frame sensor of the Alexa LF with the compact and robust design of the Alexa Mini.

The Alexa Mini LF  uses the ALEV 3 A2X sensor with a max resolution of 4448 x 3096 (4.5K). The camera features three internal, motorized ND filters (.6, 1.2 and 1.8) plus a range of new accessories.

It can internally record both ProRes and ARRI RAW codecs in frame rates up to 90 fps (in HD). It can record to the new 1TB Compact Drive (SSD) from Codex and includes a USB-C reader for the drive for off-loading footage.

The camera is also compatible with the new Codex High Density Encoding (HDE) format, which uses loss-less compression to crunch down ARRI RAW files by about 40 percent during downloading or later in your workflow. HDE is free to use.

The camera can deliver 14 stops of dynamic range from EL 160-3200 (base sensitivity is EL 800).

On the design front, the Mini LF uses an LPL mount and can endure temperatures ranging from -4° F to +113° F.

The Mini LF is compatible with “almost all” of the original Alexa Mini accessories but also sports extra connectors such as 12V and 24V accessory power,  a new 6-pin audio connector, built-in microphones and improved Wi-Fi. There are now six programmable user buttons and both the camera and viewfinder each have their own lock button.

Speaking of viewfinders, there’s a new one: the MVF-2. The OLED-based viewfinder delivers HD resolution and has a 4-inch flip-out monitor. It can be used on either side of the camera and attaches via a 10 meter CoaXPress VF cable. The MVF-2 also features a built-in eyepiece lens heater and a headphone jack.

You can peep the full specs on the Mini LF here. ARRI says it’s due to ship in mid-2019.

A Mini LF body will sell for $58,760. The body, lens mount and PL-to-LPL adapter will sell for $59,890. The MVF-2 viewfinder will retail for $7,062. A “Ready to Shoot” Set with the viewfinder, Codex Drive, body, mount, adapter plus mounting brackets and clamps will cost $75,500.

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