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Hasselblad Releases X1D II 50C with Faster Performance, iPad Pro Tethering

June 19, 2019

By Greg Scoblete

The battle for a more compact medium-format mirrorless camera is heating up. Hasselblad is following up its path-breaking X1D-50c with a second generation model priced significantly cheaper than its predecessor.

The X1D II 50C uses the same 50-megapixel image sensor (43.8 x 32.9mm) and autofocusing system as the original but boasts new electronics to make the camera more responsive. Hasselblad says the startup time has been halved while the live view refresh rate, shutter lag and black-out time between frames have all been sped up. Continuous shooting is also faster at 2.7 fps (vs. 1.7-2.3 fps).

There’s a larger and higher-res 3.6-inch touch display and a new OLED viewfinder with a higher .87x magnification than the viewfinder on the original. It’s also higher resolution with 55 percent more pixels than the original EVF. You can now view the menu in the EVF as well. Thanks to the new EVF, the camera is a hair taller than the original but otherwise shares its compact dimensions.

Hasselblad has also updated the menu to better organize and group the camera’s functions.

Like the original, the X1D II delivers 14 stops of dynamic range and 16-bit RAW files. You’ll enjoy an ISO range of 100-25,600.

Additional features include:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS
  • USB-C port
  • Support for in-camera charging via USB-C
  • Dual UHS II card slots
  • Support for touch focusing
  • New JPEG-only capture option

Unlike the original model, the X1D II will not support video recording at launch. However, Hasselblad plans to enable it in a future firmware update.

About the aforementioned price. The X1D II will cost $5,750, $3,000 less expensive than the X1D’s launch price.

Along with the X1D II 50C, Hasselblad will be releasing an update to its Phocus Mobile app (version 2) to enable tethered shooting via USB-C or Wi-Fi on iPad Pros and 2019 iPad Airs.

With Phocus Mobile 2 you can import, edit and rate RAW images and import and rate full JPEG images directly on an iPad. You can also control camera settings, confirm focus and basically use your iPad as you would a laptop during tethered shooting. Phocus Mobile 2 is a free download for iOS users.

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