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Post-Production Techniques, From Subtle to Fantastical

November 5, 2018

By Holly Stuart Hughes, Conor Risch and David Walker

© Erik Almås

For a campaign for Crystal Cruises, Erik Almås combined studio shots of models with background plates he shot in the cruise line’s international ports of call. Almås is one of three photographers who explain how they use retouching to create their signature styles.

Post-processing and CGI make almost any image possible, but in today’s advertising market, “authenticity” is the buzzword. Advertising clients turn to photographers who understand how to plan and shoot for post-production when there’s a problem to solve: a tight budget, a particular color palette they want, a conceptual shot that requires some polish or an element of the fantastic. Three photographers explain how retouching helped them produce assignments in their signature styles and also meet their clients’ needs. Click below to read their stories.

Post-Production Techniques: Julia Stotz on How She Achieves Her Food and Still Life Style

Post-Production Techniques: Erik Almås on Creating Dreamy, Fantastical Work

Post-Production Techniques: Wilson Hennessy on His Polished, Not Perfect, Photographs



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