PDN’s 30 2019: New and Emerging Photographers to Watch Announced

February 28, 2019

We are pleased to announce the 2019 PDN’s 30: Our Choice of New and Emerging Photographers to Watch.

The publication of the 2019 PDN’s 30 is the 20th anniversary of PDN’s annual issue on new and emerging photographers to watch. Despite significant changes in the photography market in 20 years, a lot of things have stayed the same. The digital age and the economic pressures that have reshaped our media and culture make it tempting to lament the good old days of the photo industry. But building a photography career was never easy, and the photography industry of old had significant flaws, particularly in its attention to and support for diverse perspectives. The challenges are just different now, as are the ways photographers meet those challenges, and there’s a lot to learn from the stories of these 30 photographers. Click through the galleries and profiles on the 2019 PDN’s 30, and you’ll learn how these photographers are collaborating with each other, with their subjects, and with clients who value their work, to create their own opportunities and to uplift their peers.

You can find their images and profiles at https://pdnonline.com/pdns-30/


Past PDN’s 30 Photographers on Their Careers and Work Practices

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