Wendy Hope Exhibits Film Noir Beauty

By Barbara Goldman

Film Noir Flirt Project with burlesque artist Rosie 151 at the Fermented Grapes wine store.

Advertising beauty, cosmetics and fashion photographer Wendy Hope  has a Pop Up photo exhibit now showing at Fermented Grapes, a wine store in Prospect Heights, New York.   Hope is the current featured artist at the store with two projects. The  Flirt Project  features photographs of local burlesque artist Rosie 151. The pieces are done in a retro/vintage style and are part of a much larger project of photographs taken over a two-year period.  Vol de Bijoux (The Jewelry Heist below) is the second project  featured to coincide with the Oscars and the film The Artist.  Hope's  Pastry Spring 2012 campaign is now being released for Magic Tradeshow and a viral campaign.  Also,  the issue of OK! Magazine with  her shot of  E News correspondent Ashlan Gorse for Wella Hair shot at TruHollywood in LA and on newsstands now.  Hope will be shooting  another advertorial for Luster Hair Care  products  for Essence, as well.

Hope Bijou

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