Sean Kennedy Santos Shoots for Aria Casino and Resort

BY Barbara Goldman

Las Vegas Aria Casino and Resort Campaign 2012

Advertising fashion photographer and director Sean Kennedy Santos  recently completed the Aria Resort & Casino 2012 campaign, shot in Las Vegas. Santos was both photographer and director on the shoot.  Industrial Color LA provided digital still and motion capture services to Santos. The  shoot involved amazing cars, poolside, and interior shots along with some very challenging shots  that involved one of Industrial Color's techs suiting up – after safety training – with a harness and buckle system even more intricate than ones used for rock climbing. He was set up with all of Industrial Color’s digital capture equipment in a cradle that hung about 60 stories above the ground to capture a shot through the window of a room at the very top of the hotel (with the incredible view of the Las Vegas strip in the background). The cradle was rigged with a network and had the images wirelessly transferring to iPads inside of the room so Santos could  have the creative team view instantly. The ad campaign can be viewed here.   You can see more of Sean Kennedy Santos's  work and projects at

Credits on the Aria shoot:

Producer- Gabrielle Fitzgerald

Stylist - Stacey Jones

Make up - Lottie Stannard. Wall Group.NYC

Hair - Keiko Hamagudi . Celestine. LA

Models - Anna Schilling, Karen Desouza , Loni Ayres, Spencer Koral, Ned Shatzer - Fusion  Models NYC.






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