Scott Lowden Captures Beauty in What Remains Behind

By Barbara Goldman

 Beauty in  what remains behind from slag piles.

Atlanta-based advertising photographer Scott Lowden has been capturing many interesting and personal projects lately that are close to his heart. Most recently he has photographed slag piles, the dangerous and looming remains from coal mining. Normally slag piles would be thought of as a blight on a community, but Lowden has captured them in a unique way.  Lowden first  saw a slag pile in 1992 while pulling into his girlfriend's parents house. The slag pile  looked as though it would crush their home. It took many years for Lowden to figure out how to capture these giant black mountains. Over the years he has photographed them in many different ways, but  when he saw a black mountain trimmed with white snow and white birch trees he saw a strange kind of beauty.  His latest project is a testament to finding beauty in the most unexpected places can  be inspiring.  See more on  this blog post from Repgirl.
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