© George Kamper

George Kamper Wins Silver from One Eyeland for Beauty and the Reef

March 10, 2015 -  
George Kamper won Silver in the categories of photography and retouching from the One Eyeland Annual Photo Competition for his Beauty and the Reef photo story. More »

cade nba small

© Cade Martin

Cade Martin Photographs NBA All-Stars for Gala Event

March 04, 2015 -  Cade Martin photographed Behind the Bench, NBA Wives Association,  "Touching a Life" gala event to benefit  the American Cancer Society. More »

crosta paris

© Laura Crosta

Laura Crosta Shoots Paris Baguette Campaign

March 03, 2015 -  Laura Crosta shot a 2015 calendar campaign for Paris Baguette cafes around the world. More »

limor cancer photos

© Ofeigur Lyosson

Dad – Living with Cancer – a Series by Ofeigur Lyosson

March 03, 2015 -  Guest contributing editor Limor Garfinkle interviews photographer Ófeigr Lýðsson of Iceland, who has been documenting his Dad as he goes through treatment for cancer. More »

weschler flashes

© Michael Weschler

Standing Out Amongst the Noise with Michael Weschler

March 02, 2015 -  Michael Weschler photographed portraits of children who are survivors of cancer for Flashes of Hope. More »

morris vintage studio

© David Morris

David Morris Studio Gets a New Look with Vintage Style

March 02, 2015 -  David Morris Photo has revamped his studio for high-tech shoots and services with an industrial vintage look. More »

spanie rstills tomotion

© Ian Spanier

Moving from Still to Video or Both with Ian Spanier

February 06, 2015 - Ian Spanier talks about the move from still photography to video and the cohesiveness with storyboarding, lighting, sound and post production it takes to be a successful filmmaker. More »

kaplan corn

© Eli Meir Kaplan

Eli Meir Kaplan Photographs the Beauty of Agriculture

February 02, 2015 -  Eli Meir Kaplan takes on personal project that looks at the hard work, as well as the beauty of the corn-harvesting process. More »

hanson gender

© Jonathan Hanson

Jonathan Hanson Shoots Gender that Defies Stereotyping

February 02, 2015 - Jonathan Hanson  shot a portrait project for The Washington Post  Magazine where he captures the fluidity of gender and sexuality. More »

kessler aultpatk small

© Gary Kessler

Gary Kessler Shoots Auto Classics for Ault Park Concours

February 02, 2015 -  Gary Kessler getsa dream assignment to photograph 2015 Porche 918 Spyder and a classic 1954 Mercedes Benz for Ault Park Concours ad campaign. More »

bowie expedition

© Matthew Bowie

Matthew Bowie Shoots Antarctica Explorers His Way

February 02, 2015 - Photographer Matthew Bowie takes inspiration from images of the 1910 Robert Scott expedition to Antarctica to create his own Antarctic Expedition. More »

florence leyret dangers

© Florence Leyret Jeune

Wild Horses Can't Stop Photographer Florence Leyret Jeune

February 02, 2015 - Florence Leyret Jeune talks about the dangers you can face in this work, as when she was photographing religious festivals in Michoacan, Mexico when a horse went wild and attacked her. More »

hawley true faith thumb

© Tim Hawley

Tim Hawley Documents a Guitar Maker's True Faith

January 07, 2015 -  Tim Hawley documents the story of  a simple homesteader, Ed Stilley of Hogscald, Arkansas, who has been making musical instruments for kids and gives them away free of charge as an act of TRUE FAITH. More »

spanier photo assistants small

© Ian Spanier

Photo Assistants Ask and Ian Spanier Answers

January 05, 2015 - Award-winning photographer and PhotoServe contributor Ian Spanier answers questions from photo assistants on all aspects of the photo business as promotion, social media, branding, personal work and taking the next big step to becoming a pro photographer. More »

birnbach dust

© Allen Birnbach

Allen Birnbach Documents Modern-Day Ranching Families with A Handful of Dust

January 05, 2015 -  Photographer and director Allen Birnbach  documents the stories of several modern-day ranching families and the challenges they face to preserve their way of life in his latest film A Handful  of Dust. More »


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