elleege goodman

© Paul Elledge

Paul Elledge Takes the Stage with Goodman Theatre Campaign

March 27, 2015 -  Paul Elledge recently completed  a campaign for The Goodman Theatre in Chicago combining video live action with still photography More »

geiger travel

© Andrew Geiger

Andrew Geiger Shoots Tourism, Travel and Editorial

March 27, 2015 -  Andrew Geiger has been busy with travel and tourism campaigns for Mexico and editorial assignments. More »

lubarsky portraits

© David Lubarsky

David Lubarsky Shoots Corporate Work Place

March 26, 2015 -  David Lubarsky shot the corporate work place and portraiture for Lazare Potter & Giacovas LLP More »

bell napa

© Trent Bell

Trent Bell Films in San Francisco with DJI Inspire Technology

March 26, 2015 -  Trent Bell and team photographed architecture and landscapes in San Francisco and the Napa Valley with DJI Inspire 1. More »

kamper equestrian

© George Kamper

George Kamper Shoots the Cowboy Life for Equestrian Quarterly

March 26, 2015 - George Kamper shot a personal project of beautiful western imagery from the Tanque Verde Ranch for Equestrian Quarterly Magazine. More »

dyer best friends

© Kevin Dyer

Kevin Dyer Is Best Friends Winner

March 26, 2015 -  Kevin Dyer won first placce in Best Friends photo contest with his image of a boyand his puppy on their way home, Soweto, South Africa. More »


© Reggie Ferraz

Reggie Ferraz Takes Honors at LA ADDY Awards

March 25, 2015 -  Reggie Ferraz took Gold and Silver honors from Los Angeles American Advertising (ADDY)  Awards  for his Merrell outdoor and for Demix sportswear campaigns. More »

brewer addy

© Art Brewer

Art Brewer Wins Gold at the San Diego ADDYs

March 25, 2015 -  Art Brewer won Gold for his photo book Todos Santos at San Diego ADDY awards. More »

weschler drone

© © Courtesy LimaPix on Flickr/ under CC

Michael Weschler Raises the Bar on Image Making

March 24, 2015 - Photographer Michael Weschler aims to please clients with creative vision and raises the bar on image making no matter what tool he uses. More »

williams machine gun

© Steve Williams

Steve Williams Shoots Machine Gun America Shooting Attraction

March 24, 2015 -  Photographer Steve Williams shot video and stills of Machine Gun America thrill seeking experience in  Orlando, Florida  for London-based Barcroft Media, More »

spanier cohiba

© Ian Spanier

Ian Spanier Shoots Cohiba Nicaragua Cigar Campaign

March 23, 2015 -  Ian Spanier shot on location in Nicaragua for the launch of the new Cohiba Nicaragua cigar. More »


© Joe Schmelzer

Joe Schmelzer Shoots Mad Men's Matthew Weiner for House Beautiful

March 23, 2015 -  Joe Schmelzer photographed Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner for House Beautiful as he settles in to his new home-office space. More »

englebright dr

© Englebright Photography

Englebright Photography Travels to the Dominican Republic

March 23, 2015 - Englebright Photography traveled to the Dominican Republic to capture the people, their farms and the animals that work with them on the plantations of the Dominican  Republic. More »


© Caesar Lima

Caesar Lima Shoots Project 365

March 20, 2015 -  Caesar Lima has taken on a new personal project and challenged himself to shoot a new image every day that will be visually significant. More »

fasten families

© Leah Fasten

Leah Fasten Shoots Families and Cars, Techology and Lovers

March 19, 2015 -  Leah Fasten captures compelling everyday lifestyle imagery that cover families in their cars, technology and work and lovers. More »


© The Photographic Dictionary/Photos by Cassidy Arazia and Carles Rodrigo
Cooperative Effort: Photographers Come Together to Create "The Photographic Dictionary"


©Patricia Voulgaris
The Curator Fine-Art Photography Contest


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