shauck ny mets

© Jane Shauck

Jane Shauck Shoots NY Mets Spring Training Fun

September 29, 2014 -  Jan Shauck shot playful personalities for promotion of NY Mets Spring Training this year. More »

hope clairol OK

© Wendy Hope

Wendy Hope Shoots Hair Care Beauty Advertorials for OK and Essence Magazines

September 29, 2014 - Wendy Hope has launched a new website, shot lots of hair-driven beauty editorials this summer for OK  and Essence Magazines, gained Nordstrom as a new client and shot for Shape magazine's new fitness collection. More »

lysne minnesota wild

© Colby Lysne

Colby Lysne Shoots Friendly Rivalry for Minnesota Wild NHL Hockey

September 28, 2014 - Advertising photographer Colby Lysne shot friendly rivalry promotion for the Minnesota Wild NHL team with Olson Minneapolis agency. More »

grfef forgotten

© Barry Steven Greff

Barry Steven Greff Exhibits at A Smith Gallery in Texas

September 28, 2014 -  Fine Art photographer Barry Steven Greff exhibits three images at "Forgotten" exhibition at A Smith Gallery in Texas. More »

schmelzer house beautiful small

© Joe Schmelzer

Joe Schmelzer Shoots for House Beautiful Magazine

September 28, 2014 -  Joe Schmelzer shoots the Bath of the month for House Beautiful Magazine. More »

leeds alere

© Jared Leeds

Jared Leeds Shoots Alere Medical Device Photo Library

September 26, 2014 - Jared Leeds shot new images for a photo library for medical device company Alere. More »

snider chrome

© Roger K Snider

Roger K Snider Offers Chrome and Elegance 2015 Ultimate Big Rig Calendar

September 26, 2014 - Roger K Snider presents his Chrome and Elegance 2015 Ultimate Big Rig and fashion calendar. More »

council celebs  small

© Scott Council

Scott Council Presents Favorite Portraiture

September 26, 2014 -  Scott Council  presents some of his favorite portraiture in his PhotoServe portfolio and on his site. More »

boyd donovan small

© Neil Boyd

Neil Boyd Shoots Food for Donovan's Dish

September 26, 2014 -  Neil Boyd presents beautiful food offerings from a shoot for Donovan's Dish upscale catering company in North Carolina. More »


© Scott Witter

Scott Witter Shoots Liars Electro Punk for No Tofu Magazine

September 25, 2014 - Los Angeles photographer Scott Witter shoots the electro-punk band Liars for No Tofu Magazine. More »

berr lockn

© Keith Berr

Keith Berr Shoots LOCKN' Music Festival, McDonald's Billboards and Santa Fe Rodeo

September 25, 2014 - Keith Berr recently shot rockin' rodeo in Santa Fe, a new billboard campaign with real people for McDonald's and the LOCKN' music festival with Willie Nelson, Jeff Tweedy and many more. More »

spanier huffington

© Ian Spanier

Ian Spanier Blogs for Huffington Post

September 25, 2014 -  Ian Spanier starts a new blog for the Huffington Post with his "Right Next Door Project." More »

nobles canon


M Doucette Production Produces Shoot for Scott Nobles for Canon's PIXMA Pro City Senses

September 18, 2014 -  M Doucette Production recently produced a shoot for Boston photographer Scott Nobles for Canon's PIXMA PRO "City Senses" interactive gallery. More »

marc leblanc

© Marc Olivier Le Blanc

Marc Olivier Le Blanc Comes to PhotoServe with Offbeat and Elegant Portraiture

September 18, 2014 -  Marc Olivier Le Blanc comes to PhotoServe with new portraiture that combines the offbeat with a touch of elegance. More »

lysne st francis

© Colby Lysne

Colby Lysne Shoots St. Francis Health Women's Services Campaign

September 18, 2014 -  Colby Lysne shot a new campaign showing all the services that make life easier for women from St. Francis Health Women's services. More »


© Ben Knight
PDN September 2014

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