horowitz medical

© Ted Horowitz

Ted Hororwitz Shoots Healthcare for Siemens Medical

March 03, 2015 -  Ted Horowitz shot healthcare photography for Siemens Medical to be used on their website and for publications. More »

dawson decor

© Cory Dawson

Cory Dawson Shoots Decor for Refinery 29

March 03, 2015 -  Cory Dawson photographed fun, cheerful decor and the use of patterns in the home for Refinery 29. More »

spanier lyriq

© Ian Spanier

harkin wandeweg

© Brian Harkin

Brian Harkin Photographs Wanderweg Project

March 02, 2015 -  Brain Harkin has a new personal project called  Wanderweg, based on the life and works of Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard. More »

lysne dupont

© Colby Lysne

Colby Lysne Shoots Agriculture for DuPont Pioneer

March 02, 2015 - Photographer Colby Lysne shot an agricultural campaign for client DuPont Pioneer with The Lacek Group. More »

weschler flomenhaft

© Michael Weschler

Michael Weschler Exhibits The I of the Camera

March 02, 2015 -  Michael Weschler will exhibit limited-edition glass etched print at Flomenhaft Gallery in New York City. More »


© David Wentworth

David Wentworth Shoots Fashion Editorial

March 01, 2015 -  David Wentworth shoots new fashion editorial. More »

crosta baguette

© Laura Crosta

Laura Crosta Shoots Paris Baguette Campaign

February 27, 2015 -  Laura Crosta shot a 2015 calendar campaign for Paris Baguette cafes. More »

mead csa

© Matt Mead

Matt Mead Shoots Editorial for Faith Magazine

February 26, 2015 -  Matt Mead shot editorial for Faith magazine  a publication from Catholic Services Appeal.



More »

mead otters cross

© Matt Mead

Matt Mead Shoots Erie Otters Cross-Ice Jamboree

February 25, 2015 -  Matt Mead Photography LLC photographed the Erie Otters Cross-Ice Jamboree for local youth of Erie, Pennsylvania More »

williams college

© Steve Williams

Steve Williams Shoots Florida College Video

February 25, 2015 - Orlando-based photographer Steve Williams shot a video for a small, private college focusing on the growth of the school and achievements of past students. More »

barraclough conceptual

© Keith Barraclough

Keith Barraclough Shoots for National Geographic Stock

February 25, 2015 -  Keith Barraclough recently hot travel imagery for National Geographic Stock. More »

cumbo nyfw

© Jena Cumbo

Jena Cumbo Shoots NYFW

February 24, 2015 -  Photographer Jena Cumbo covered NYFW and terrific street style fashion for LADYGUNN and the Village Voice.
More »

schmelzer vanity

© Joe Schmelzer

Joe Schmelzer Shoots for Vanity Fair UK

February 24, 2015 -  Joe Schmelzer photographed hotelier and real estate developer Alan Faena for Vanity Fair UK. More »

trentbell interiors

© Trent Bell

Trent Bell Photography Presents New Work and Vision for 2015

February 23, 2015 -  Trent Bell Photography of New England  has updated their online portfolios and will be working with and representing more of the design community. More »


©Claire Rosen
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