Michael Weschler Shoots Foster Kids for Heart Gallery NYC

BY Barbara Goldman

Andrew and Erin from the Heart Gallery NYC.

New York City-based advertising and editorial celebrity, lifestyle, interiors and architecture photographer Michael Weschler has a new work appearing now with Heart Gallery NYC.  He is showcasing the portraiture he did of foster care kids in New York City looking to be adopted. Heart Gallery NYC volunteers and staff collaborate with the NYC Administration for Children’s Services to create ongoing Heart Gallery exhibits that travel throughout the five boroughs. The exhibits, feature beautiful, compelling portraits of New York City children taken by award-winning photographers as Weschler to raise awareness of the needs of children in foster care and to assist in finding permanent, loving  adoptive families for them. The large portraits by Weschler appear in the Amtrak Rotunda of Penn Station this week.  See, Andrew, Erin and Latik, all looking for forever homes and families on the Heart Gallery NYC.

 © Michael Weschler

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