Jonathan Chapman Goes Head to Head for Adidas Motion Spot

By Barbara Goldman

 Personal/spec still and motion spot for table tennis for Adidas brand.

Minneapolis-based advertising and editorial photographer and director Jonathan Chapman has launched a new project, “Head to Head” motion spot. This is a personal / spec, still and motion venture highlighting table tennis and the Adidas brand.

Chapman continues  to push the boundaries of his experience, equipment and collaborators to create new work. Head to Head is a creative undertaking by Chapman's team and  local industry partners, and  it was a unique opportunity to perform very specialized roles. The project was shot in one evening in four hours with audio, lighting and camera equipment.

Dramatic lighting showcases the intense energy of the scene, the driving action behind the simple narrative of two dedicated, semi-professional table tennis players.  Chapman gives credit to his production partners.   See and read more about Head to Head at Chapman's blog post.

Produced and Directed by Jonathan Chapman/JCP

Production - Bobbi Peacock

Assistant to Producer - John Fontana
Edit - Nathaniel Schmidt

© Jonathan Chapman

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