Glasshouse Assignment Presents Newest Work

By Barbara Goldman

Ruthie, the Labrador, in training at Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Glasshouse Assignment presests the latest work from their roster of talent. Portrait photographer Ryan Pfluger was hired by New York Magazine to photograph portraits of Nick Gruber, Calvin Klein’s ex-lover. After a brainstorming session with Photo Director Jody Quon, the two decided on an homage to the “Obsession” campaigns featuring Kate Moss. See Pfluger's intimate style of work here.   

Nick Gruber/© Ryan Pfluger

Ryan Schude  recently shot  Colonel Meow for Guinness World Records.

Colonel Meow © Ryan Schude

Food photographer Kang Kim shows his talent with bite-sized ice cream treats that melt as you photograph them. Messy shoot but a challenge that  turned out very tempting. 

Ice cream bites/ © Kang Kim

And last but not least, Evan Kafka  shot for Southeastern Guide Dogs, a Florida-based non-profit organization.  He photographerd Ruthie, (pictured above), a yellow Labrador Retriever currently in training to be a guide dog for the visually impaired.  Kafka shot on location in Florida  with ad agency 22squared.



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©Claire Rosen
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