Chris Crisman Shoots Unforgettable San Antonio Buckhorn Saloon

By Barbara Goldman

The famous Buckhorn Saloon in San Antonio, Texas.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based advertising, celebrity, portrait, lifestyle and travel photographer Chris Crisman shot the impossible this past year.  His client was the city of San Antonio Texas, and he worked with Proof Advertising, based in Austin, Texas. The art director on the project was Rob Story, the agency producer was Vicki Russell and the ECD was Craig Mikes.  

As one  part  a four-part tourism campaign for San Antonio, Crisman had the assignment of shooting the unforgettable and historic Buckhorn Saloon.  The bar is located in the heart of San Antonio and is a popular tourist attraction.  Crisman worked with Proof Advertising. To create the photos of the famous saloon,  he had to coordinate 11 talent, one NBa superstar and a former NBA star, priceless paintings, nine unique costumes and 55 taxidermy animals. he also had to deal with some crazy logistics to get all his shots. The assignment was shot over the course of four weeks with each individual element of the final image  photographed independently and composited together to create the final scene.  You can  get the full effect of his work here.  See more in the New Work Section of Crisman's site, and read his blog to see the behind-the-scenes here.



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