Chris Crisman Shoots Sir Richard Branson for Wired UK

By Jacqui Palumbo

Sir Richard Branson, shot for Wired UK's "Up: the story behind Richard Branson's goal to make Virgin a galactic success."

Chris Crisman kicks off Spring with two back-to-back covers for Wired UK. For March 2013, he photographed Virgin airlines founder Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic space station for a story on Virgin's progress on designing a rocket for tourists. Branson began to execute his plan for commercial space travel after being offered a trip into space for $50 million in the early 90's. He declined due to the "gross" price and opted to get involved in the private space travel industry himself to bring about a new era of travel. Now Virgin's goal is to have daily space travel by 2014, and they are currently working on their rockets SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnightTwo, which he hopes will give birth to a new kind of tourism.

Crisman also photographed the Wired UK cover for April 2013 on the future of robotics, the style edition of Philadelphia Magazine, and NHL players Tyler Sequin, Alexander Ovechkin and Henrick Lundqvist.
Two more of Crisman's recent shots are below, and visit his Web site for more.

Hugh Herr, MIT Biophysicist

New Mexico Railway
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