Amit Chand to Photograph the Tigers of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

By Barbara Goldman

 Tiger reserve in India.

Bangalore-based advertising and editorial lifestyle, fashion, documentary, wildlife photographer Amit Chand will be quite busy over the next few months with various projects.  From June19-23  he will be visiting Ranthambore Tiger Reserve to shoot the tigers and wildlife. It  is one of the most famous reserves in India and home to world's most photographed Tigress called Machali. Tiger sightings are very rare, but he may get the chance to photograph cubs with their mother. We hope he does and that PhotoServe will get to present them.

From  June 28 - July10, Chand will be visiting Ladakh, famous for its monasteries and amazing landscapes and will be shooting the Hemis festival of Ladakh during the same time.

From August 1-  September 30, Chand will be visiting the U.S. and cover 12 cities from the West to East Coast. He  will be in New York  to do his personal work on fine art nude photography.


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