Object of Desire: Think Tank Photo Glass Limo

JANUARY 24, 2013

By Dan Havlik

Why stuff your best lenses into the back of the bus when they can ride in a limo? That’s the idea behind the Think Tank Photo Glass Limo, a surprisingly svelte backpack for hauling around your “big glass.”  

The roomy Glass Limo can fit up to a 600mm f/4 lens without a digital SLR body attached or a pro-size DSLR body attached to up to a 500mm f/4. You can also fit a standard DSLR kit with multiple shorter zoom lenses and various accessories. For on-the-go photographers, the Glass Limo complies with the carry-on requirements for airlines, letting you keep your pricey and fragile lenses close by when traveling.

And because this pack is made by Think Tank Photo, a company founded and run by photographers, the Glass Limo has many versatile and comfy features for long shoots including the company’s contoured harness with air channel design system. The Glass Limo is also fitted with a specially designed doughnut and yolk for your longer lenses to slide securely into.

If you know you’ll be schlepping your heavy glass for a longer spell, the pack has a removable padded waist belt and a way to add a Pro Speed Belt for extra comfort. You can attach a tripod or a monopod to either side of the Glass Limo via included straps. There are also water bottle pockets on either side of the backpack, in case you get thirsty. If it rains, just deploy the seam-sealed, moisture-resistant cover and keep on trekking.

Price: $195.75
Info: www.thinktankphoto.com


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