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Object of Desire: Joby UltraPlate Quick Release Plate

AUGUST 06, 2013

By Jesse Will

Maybe you’re a switch hitter: On a shoot you’re comfortable carting your camera body around on a strap, but you also like to have a tripod at the ready. The problem? If you use one of the more comfortable shoulder straps made recently, many of which mount via the same screwed-in loop that you use for a tripod, you’re spending valuable time fiddling with screws when you should be shooting. Enter the UltraPlate, a cheap fix that allows you to switch easily between tripod and shoulder strap. You simply screw the 2.8 x 1.7-inch UltraPlate onto your camera using an Allen wrench (it can slide to prevent blocking your battery door), then affix a sling strap to it and mount it to your tripod using the universal Arca-Swiss-style dovetail (mounting holes for a quickrelease plate are available if your favorite tripod isn’t compatible). It can be affixed to monopods, Steadicams and flash brackets, too. Other universal quick plates have been available previously; they’ve just never been this simple or inexpensive.

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