MacCreate Launches Aperture Inspector Software

DECEMBER 09, 2010


MacCreate Aperture Inspector 1.0 - Find out everything about what photographic gear you use with the touch of a button.

The MacCreate Network (, home of the Aperture Users Network, has released Aperture Inspector, a cool little program that allows Aperture users to quickly scan their Library files and see incredible amounts of data about the cameras and the lenses used.

Drop an Aperture Library onto the application and it displays all of the cameras and lenses used, breaks down the number of images used by each camera and lens, and can even display the various f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO settings and more.

Equipment can be filtered out (so you don't see how many images were shot with an iPhone or with a lens borrowed from a friend) and graphs display the use of each piece of gear.

Aperture Inspector is a great way to figure out what lenses and camera gear you really use, and it's especially helpful when you're shopping for new lenses. (Should I buy a f/3.5-5.6 or spend the money for a 2.8? How many times have I used my telephoto lens at the longest setting? Do I use a wide-angle or standard lens more often? )

There's lots of interesting information trapped in your Aperture Library, Aperture Inspector helps you take a look at it.

Readers of this site can save an additional $1 off the introductory $9.99 price, (the program is regularly $14.95) and you'll get free updates for the full 1.x product life.

Just use coupon code readerdiscount2010 at checkout at

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