How I Got That Shot: Ty Cole for Metropolis Magazine

December 19, 2014 - Photographer Ty Cole uses his subjects tools to shape his compositions AND to light their environment in a shoot for Metropolis magazine. More »

12 Photographers, 12 Views of Israel and the West Bank, 12 Books

December 18, 2014 - A collaborative project depicts Israel and the West Bank through the eyes of 12 photographers, including Wendy Ewald, Josef Koudelka, Gilles Peress and Thomas Struth.  More »

Notable Photo Books of 2014, Part III

December 16, 2014 - Photo books remain the preferred medium of photographers, and its stature has grown in recent years with no signs of slowing down. In this third and final installment of PDN's Notable Books of 2014, the editors highlight Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb, Eugene Richards and Nicolo Degiorgis. More »


How Photographers Can Brand Themselves For Social Media Work

December 15, 2014 - As brands and agencies spend more money on social media campaigns, photographers and their reps are altering their strategies to score jobs on platforms like Instagram, Tumblr and Vine. PDN spoke with clients about how they hire photographers for social media jobs and reps on how they're marketing their photographers to get them. More »

© Mona Kuhn/Courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery

Mona Kuhn's book "Private" and series "Acido Dorado" Take on the Esthetic of the Desert

December 12, 2014 - The colors and landscape of the deserts of California and the American Southwest inspired Mona Kuhn's new book of nude photographs, "Private," and her series "Acido Dorado." More »

© Danny Clinch

Notable Photo Books of 2014, Part II

December 11, 2014 - Photo books remain the preferred medium of photographers, and its stature has grown in recent years with no signs of slowing down. Here, the editors of PDN highlight some of the most notable photo books of 2014. More »


Shooting On Spec To Land Advertising Assignments: Chris Stanford for Ashworth Golf Apparel

December 10, 2014 - Kevin Buth, a creative director at the ad agency Zambezi, suggested photographer Chris Stanford try shooting a test shoot to score ad work for an Adidas subsidiary; it worked, and also scored him jobs with other clients. More »

© Matthew Brandt/Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York

Notable Photo Books of 2014: Part I

December 10, 2014 - Photo books remain the preferred medium of photographers, and its stature has grown in recent years with no signs of slowing down. Here, the editors of PDN highlight some of the most notable photo books of 2014. More »


Career Launch: Jason Elias, Portrait Photographer

December 08, 2014 -  Jason Elias transitioned from a career as a gaffer in the film industry when a chance meeting with a Discovery TV executive turned into his first big assignment. More »


What's Your Niche: Stephen Crowley, Political Photojournalist

December 05, 2014 - Known for his distinctive behind-the-scenes political coverage for The New York Times, photographer Stephen Crowley explains how he works around the limits imposed on press photographers.  More »


Shooting On Spec To Land Advertising Assignments: Alex Farnum for Reebok

December 04, 2014 - Photographer Alex Farnum leaned on the strength of his relationships at an ad agency to score a coveted client—Reebok—with some spec work.
More »

PDN December 2014: The Advertising Photography Issue

December 03, 2014 - The table of contents for the December 2014 issue of PDN, which focusses on Advertising Photography. More »


Photographer Erin Trieb Embeds With the ISIS-fighting Kurdish Women's Protection Unit

December 03, 2014 - Freelance conflict photographer Erin Trieb turned a chance meeting with a general into an exclusive look at the YPJ, an all-female Kurdish military unit battling ISIS in Syria. More »


Shooting On Spec To Land Advertising Assignments: Aaron Greene for Confluence Outdoor

December 02, 2014 - Photographer Aaron Greene took some advice from a designer at Confluence Outdoor and turned an outdoor adventure spec shoot into multiple advertising assignments. More »


Reed + Rader Go Beyond the GIF to Make the Moving Images of the Future

December 01, 2014 - The fashion-forward duo of Reed + Rader expand upon their bread-and-butter—GIFs—to make moving images on the Internet from 3D worlds built with videogame engines. More »


Michael Ashkin Examines Corruption in New Jersey Urban Renewal Project

November 27, 2014 - In a new book, Michael Ashkin uses a unique visual language to tell the story of Long Branch, New Jersey, where the local government and real-estate developers used eminent domain to displace longtime residents. More »


Frames Per Second: Photojournalist Damir Sagolj On Using Sound to Tell a Story

November 25, 2014 - Award-winning photojournalist Damir Sagolj explains why he loves recording audio and how sound enhanced his multimedia piece on a Fukushima refugee. More »

10 Modern Mirrorless Systems and the Lenses That Help Them Shine

November 24, 2014 - These lenses will help you get the maximum performance from your mirrorless camera. More »


McNair Evans: Confessions For a Son

November 21, 2014 - After his father's death revealed a family business in ruins, McNair Evans created a project that helped him and his family cope with the tragedy. More »


Making Videos Clients Will Love With Budgets You Don't

November 20, 2014 - Photographers-turned-directors explain their strategies for spending production money wisely to make the best videos they can on tight budgets. More »


The Growing Market for Fine-Art Videos

November 18, 2014 - Photographers who've expanded their art practice to include video have found new audiences for their work among galleries, collectors and curators. More »


How I Got That Shot: Fashion Photographer Gustavo Marx Turns to the Classic

November 17, 2014 - A designer's look-book assignment inspired Gustavo Marx to return to his photographic roots. More »


Create Spotlight: Rebecca Simpson Steele of Reader's Digest

November 14, 2014 - Photo director Rebecca Simpson Steele talks about the redesign of the publication and how she assigns photographers to shoot for all of the brand's platforms. More »


Letting Go of The Camera: Frank Ockenfels 3 and DP Welles Hackett Bring Stills to Life

November 12, 2014 - When AMC, FX or other TV networks assigns Frank Ockenfels 3 to shoot short motion clips that mimic his still images, he calls on director of photography Welles Hackett. More »


Has a Textbook Publisher Trampled Your Copyrights? There's a Solution For That

November 10, 2014 - Numerous photographers have filed copyright infringement suits against textbook publishers who routinely overran photo licenses. A copyright attorney offers tips on how to file a claim.  More »

Kaufmann thumb

All photos © Benjamin Kaufmann

Reimagine the Client Gift With Custom Self-promo Magazines

November 07, 2014 - Sponsored post: Fashion and beauty photographer Benjamin Kaufmann discusses his experience creating a custom magazine through Blurb for his clients this holiday season.
More »


How Luxury Real Estate Clients Hire Photographers

November 07, 2014 - New luxury residential developments need photographers working in many genres to help draw high-end buyers and brokers to sumptuous spaces.   More »


Letting Go of the Camera: Zen Sekizawa and Ernesto Lomelli's Technical Finesse

November 06, 2014 - Photographer/director Zen Sekizawa says director of photography Ernesto Lomelli's technical knowledge and fraternal familiarity helps her make better videos.  More »


Picture Story: Love Radio Rwanda

November 05, 2014 - An ambitious multimedia project combines drama and documentary storytelling to explore Rwanda's lingering ethnic tensions and expose fault lines in post-genocide reconciliation. More »

©David Yellen

How Photographers Reinvent Their Careers

November 05, 2014 - Photographers explain how they re-charge their creative energy and move their careers in new directions in this collection of articles. More »



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