Respect Your Subjects

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Elliott Erwitt is one of my favorite photographers and certainly one of my biggest influences. I love his photographs for many reasons, including the moments he shows us, the humor and the composition. More than that, I've learned over time that I love his respect for his subjects.

Lisette Model told me to respect my subjects. I'm not sure at the age of 21 that I understood what that meant. I think now I have a better understanding. For me, it means to be honest with my pictures. I want to show reality, but I will not show a disrespectful honesty. It doesn't mean I have to make people look good, but it does mean that I won't make them look bad for the sake of "humor" or "shock value."

So I guess, my point is, as much as I think I know what I'm doing as a photographer, I'm still evolving, changing and growing. It's actually quite reassuring to discover this about myself. I'm entering the third act of my career and it still feels new and exciting! You can't really ask for anything more than that.



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