Paris Visone On the Road again...

David J. Carol


My friend Paris Visone is a Rock-and-Roll road dog. She is a 20 something photographer/videographer that travels with bands (Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach and Blondie to name a few) to show us what we couldn't otherwise see...

I asked Paris to tell me a little bit about what she thinks of her work. Here's what she said:
"These images capture life on the road with musicians I have traveled with. With voyeuristic wonder and awe, we peer in and see the vulnerability of these perceived icons. Whether on a tour bus, backstage at a venue, or a random Midwestern motel room, a congruent story is sewn together. The different strands reflect the comfort and the loneliness, the laughter and the sweat, the work and the play, and the fine lines that often intertwine. Samuel Johnson once said, “The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.”

Photos Copyright: Paris Visone



© powerHouse Books/photo by Phil Stern
Obituary: Phil Stern, Photographer of Hollywood Icons, 95


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