Only One Thing Matters

David J. Carol


I was asked by a young photographer in the early stages (less then a year) of discovering photography, "I love taking pictures but now what? What is next? A book, a show?" The young photographer continued by saying, "It is great taking pictures, that is all I want to do and talk about. But what is the next step?" I said, "That is it. There is nothing else. It is just taking pictures. Maybe in ten years you can think about making a book or having a show, but not now. There is nothing else." 

The answer to her question is simple for me. "Thats all there is...the taking of the pictures." I'm saying now to anyone that aspires to be a photographer and wants to know what I think... I think it’s about the photos. That is it, there is nothing more. There is only you and your photographs, its the only part you can control and the only part that matters.  Everything else is superfluous!  



© powerHouse Books/photo by Phil Stern
Obituary: Phil Stern, Photographer of Hollywood Icons, 95


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Notable Photo Books of 2014, Part II


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Tout VTS


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