One Reason Film Beats Digital

David J. Carol


About a year ago I decided to start scanning my negatives to help me edit and also save some money on the costs associated with printing. While going through some older negatives I came across the photo you see here. It was taken on a road trip I did in Cappodocia, Turkey in the mid 1990s. I absolutely love this image and I don't know how I missed it 15 years ago. So here's the question...If this had been shot digitally would I still have it? Obviously I can't answer this theoretical question, but it makes me wonder. The immediacy of digital photography lends itself to making quick decisions and often promotes editing in camera. Film doesn't give us these options and I think that's a benefit. Its a good thing to put some time between taking a photo and finally seeing it. Your expectations change over time and you might be more inclined to linger over and consider a photo on the image's merits alone as opposed to being influenced by your expectations at the moment you took the photo. I'll never know if this picture would have been lost to me if I had shot it digitally, but it doesn't matter now. I shot it on film and here it is 15 years later, my new found treasure. 



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