NYThroughTheLens: The Most Enchanting Hour

Vivienne Gucwa

New york city skyline and empire state building


The hour right after the sun dips below the horizon is one of the most enchanting hours of the day. It's not quite day and not quite night but it's a blended mixture of the two. There is no better place to witness this transformation in New York City than high above the rooftops and skyline of the city.

It's this sort of in-between time that seems to suit a city full of people, who feed off the frenetic energy and constant shifts that occur on a momentary basis. New York City rarely dwells in absolutes. Its landscape and structures only seem to remain still. After feeling the elation that comes with watching the sun set over the city, all of the city's lights come into view twinkling little by little until they all seem to build up to the most intense crescendo of illuminated splendor.

Check out more of Vivienne's work at her blog, NYThroughTheLens.



© powerHouse Books/photo by Phil Stern
Obituary: Phil Stern, Photographer of Hollywood Icons, 95


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