David Carol's Facebook Vacation Photo Contest

David J. Carol


Well, well, well...This is my 100th article for PDN's Emerging Photographer. I think it's quite appropriate it features one of my Facebook Photo Contests, which is designed to reach out to emerging photographers. This contest was called "This is My Vacation."

Ugh, I know. Who wants to see anyone's vacation photos? But trust me folks, these are worth looking at! People were asked to submit their favorite pictures from any vacation. I know I say this all the time, but this was the toughest contest I have had to judge so far.

The work was simply OUTSTANDING. There were so many excellent entries that I literally couldn't select just one winner. I ended up selecting one B&W, one Color, and five runner-ups. The winners, Chris Suspect and R David Marks, will be interviewed and appear in two separate articles in the near future. Today, I will present the winner's and runner-ups'  photographs. Enjoy...

Winner in Black and White: R. David Marks

Winner in Color: Chris Suspect

Runner up photographs:
Ashly Stohl

Daniel Grant

Mark Rosales

Nima Taradji

Zalmy Berkowitz



© Josh Wool
PDN November 2015: The How-To Issue



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Tout VTS


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