Career Choices-Follow your Dreams!

David J. Carol


I went to what was then and is still now considered an elite high school. I had a meeting at some point with my guidance counselor to discuss career choices. I remember a poster on the wall of the guidance office. It was of a girl wearing a peasant dress with long hair blowing in the wind. She was sitting on a fence playing guitar. It read something like "Amy loves playing guitar and singing, but what kind of job is that going to get her?" Sorry, I digress... 

So I'm meeting with my guidance counselor, really at this point in my life the only person I can go to for career counseling, and he tells me after looking through my records and my educational history there is really only one career choice for me. Now, I know this is gonna sound like a Monty Python sketch, but he advised me to go into accounting. His recommendation was to go to the local community college and to become a book keeper or an accountant. And so it goes...



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