PDN The Curator 2016: Photography Contest

© Frances F. Denny

The Curator

The search for outstanding and undiscovered fine-art photography will culminate in a summer group show at Foley Gallery in New York City! Winners will be published in the Fine-Art Issue of PDN and will receive a prize package from Moab and B&H. One grand-prize winner will receive $3,500.

Deadline: 5/3

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The Great Outdoors Photo Contest

Photo © Samantha Isom

The Great Outdoors 2016

Open to both professional and amateur photographers, The Great Outdoors celebrates the beautiful vistas, diverse wildlife and adventure that make our planet so unique. Prizes include $1,500 (pro), $1,000 (amateur), and the chance to have their your work represented by Tandem Stills + Motion, Inc.

Deadline: 6/30

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2016 The Look Photographer Contest Banner

© Carlos Rios

The Look 2016

PDN's annual competition for fashion and beauty imagery, bringing together runway shots, street scenes, editorial stories, commercial campaigns and multimedia in the September issue of PDN. Prizes include $3,500 for first place, B&H Photo and Video gift cards, and more.

Deadline: 6/2

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PDN Emerging Photographer Contest 2016

© Amanda Ringstad

Emerging Photographer Contest 2016

Thank you to all the photographers who submitted their work for our 2016 contest. The contest is in the judging phase now, and winners will appear in Emerging Photographer's Summer 2016 issue. More »

Previous Winners

PDN Photo Annual 2015

© Art Streiber

PDN Photo Annual 2015

We proudly present the winners of our biggest competition, the PDN Photo Annual. More »

Previous Winners

Top Knots Wedding Photography 2016

© Corbin Gurkin

Top Knots Wedding Photography 2016

See beautiful wedding photography in this gallery. 2016 winners will be announced soon. More »

Previous Winners

PDN's 30 2015

© Michael Clinard

PDN's 30 2016

We proudly present our choice of 30 New and Emerging Photographers to watch. Congrats to all the winners. More »

Previous Winners

PDNedu Student Photo Contest 2015

© Carli Choi

PDNedu Student Photo Contest 2016

See amazing images captured by emerging photographers. Congrats to the winners. More »

Previous Winners

PDN The Shot Sports Photography Contest

© Steve Boyle

The Shot: Sports Photography Contest 2016

Far and wide, you’ve captured fantastic sports images and we applaud you all. Congrats to all of the winners. More »

Previous Winners

World In Focus Travel Photography Contest

© John Moulds

World In Focus Travel Photography Competition 2016

Celebrate amazing places, portraits and travel moments that make our world worth exploring. More »

Previous Winners

Ultimate Music Moment 2014

© Christian Lamb

Ultimate Music Moment 2016

The music industry is constantly changing, but one song remains the same: Musicians need great photography...See the gallery. More »

Previous Winners

Storytellers Documentary Photo Contest 2016

© Sebastiano Tomada

Storytellers 2016: Documentary/ Narrative Photography

A platform for narrative photography, from works by historical documentarians to photographers finding interesting stories in their own backyard. More »

Previous Winners

TASTE Food Photography Awards

© Julia Tardiff

TASTE Food Photography Awards 2015

Thank you for entering PDN's first-ever food photography competition. Check out the mouth-watering gallery. More »

Previous Winners

Objects of Desire Photography Contest Photos

© Michael Heeney

Objects of Desire Photo Contest 2015

A competition celebrating photographs of the people, objects and spaces artists feel affection for. Congrats to the winners. More »

Previous Winners

PDN Faces 2014

© Stephanie Diani

PDN Faces Photo Contest 2015

With your support, Faces portrait photography competition has become one of PDN’s most popular contests. More »

Previous Winners

The Great Outdoors 2014

© Michael Clark

The Great Outdoors 2015

Celebrate the World Outside in this amazing gallery from professional & amateur photographers. More »

Previous Winners

The Curator: The Search for Outstanding and Undiscovered Fine Art Photography 2014

© Patricia Voulgaris

The Curator Fine-Art Photography 2015

The search for outstanding and undiscovered fine art photography. Congratulations to the winners. More »

Previous Winners

The Scene: Event and Nightlife Contest Photos

© RC Rivera

The Scene: Event and Nightlife Photo Contest 2013

From celebrities, to street scenes, to a night out on the town, see how these photographers captured the scene. More »

Previous Winners

PIX Digital Imaging Contest 2010

© Erik Almås

PIX Digital Imaging Contest 2010

We hope you find inspiration from the digital images in this gallery. More »

Previous Winners

PDN Self-Promo Awards 2010


PDN Self-Promo Awards 2010

Getting your name out there as a professional photographer is still a challenging task. More »

Previous Winners


The Curator


PDN May 2016: The Video & Motion Issue


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